Solidecoin makes use of smart contracts to make Decentralized Finance accessible and inclusive.
 Smart contracts are bits of code which run on a blockchain allowing multiple parties to come to agreement without an intermediary.
 Solidecoin is a product of Solide Decentralized finance Blockchain Protocol.
 Solidecoin brings utility to the protocol enhancing the experience of Decentralized finance.
Use the following resources below to onboard to Decentralized Finance

Note on Wallets

Not your keys not your Assets.

Solide Defi Blockchain Protocol discourages the use custodial wallets where your assets are held by a custodian.

If you wish to keep your assets with a custodian do that at your risk.

Defi is more interesting with self custody.

Recommended wallet 


Always remember to save your mnemonic and keep it safe.

Join Telegram to get insights on how to protect your assets. 

Note on Assets

There is a general obsession about centralized aggregators.

Most wallets get there token data from from centralized aggregators which also show current exchange prices that is the current dollar selling price of this assets. Legacy crypto wallets like electrum do not show prices so if you don’t see a price is normal.

This is solely based on centralized data aggregators and can be political in nature.

When using Metamask copy the verified contract address.

Click on import Token.

Go to Custom token.

Paste the verified Contract address.

Other variables would show like ticker and decimals.


Note on Explorers

Explorers are simply used to track your transfers to verify if  transactions have been finalized and analyze onchain data.

Recommended explorer

Verified Contract address ERC-20       





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